Recognizing Indicators of Giftedness in Students from All Backgrounds


Over the past year and a half, the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) worked with experts in the field to develop an outcome-based professional learning opportunity for educators.

The first Giftedness Knows No Boundaries Micro-Credentials, SEE ME!, launched in Tennessee and was featured in Education Week. A cohort from across the country is also participating in the SEE ME! micro-credential.

The Giftedness Knows No Boundaries Micro-Credentials program fills a sizeable gap in accessible professional development content to help educators better identify gifted and talented students from diverse backgrounds and to meet their unique learning needs. By providing affordable, accessible, and outcome-oriented content from experts in the field, NAGC Micro-Credentials are designed to help classroom teachers develop and master skills to effectively work with all gifted children.

“These micro-credentials enable teachers to learn by doing and focuses on mastery of content and not the amount of time spent in a seat,” said M. René Islas, NAGC executive director. “The SEE ME! (Identification) micro-credential helps educators develop the knowledge and skills to demonstrate the ability to recognize indicators of giftedness in students from traditionally underrepresented populations.”

Federally-funded research shows that gifted children living in poverty and from ethnic and language minority groups are 250% less likely to be identified for, and served in, gifted programs in their schools, even when they achieve at the same level as their more affluent identified peers.

A gifted coordinator who participated in the Tennessee cohort said, "It feels so wonderful to have support from a National and State level...I so often feel my voice is a minority voice, weakened by other initiatives and priorities.  Having [NAGC's] support, leadership, and the state's involvement really beefs up the credibility of what we are trying to help teachers understand." 

NAGC will open a new national cohort this fall, and three more micro-credentials will be available by November. Click here to receive more information.